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Daqing Petrochemical's first set of synthetic gas produced by cracking tar has a displacement resolution of 0.01mm; Put into operation at 11:40 on September 19, with the syngas entering the fine distillation unit, the operators of Daqing shi343 wood furniture hazardous materials company, Linke, successfully completed the whole process of the new syngas plant, marking that everything required for the detection of Jinan gold testing machine must be strictly observed, and the first cracking tar Gasification Syngas Production device in the country has been successfully put into trial operation

the new syngas unit is an important part of Daqing Petrochemical's 200000 t/a butanol octanol reconstruction and expansion project. It uses heavy oil or cracked tar as raw materials and adopts the chilling process of GE company in the United States to produce high-quality carbonyl syngas. It is the first unit in China to produce syngas by oil gasification. Its design production capacity is 22818 standard cubic meters/hour, and the annual design operation time is 8000 hours. It has the advantages of simple process, less investment, small land occupation and so on. After the unit is officially put into operation, syngas raw materials will be provided for the 200000 t/a butyl octanol unit

it is understood that the price of tar is lower than that of oil, and heavy oil can be further processed as oil refining raw materials. Daqing Petrochemical's 1.2 million ton/year ethylene plant will produce a large amount of cracking tar after it is started. After the new syngas plant is started and put into operation, it can not only reduce the operation cost of the plant, but also solve the problem of material balance after the expansion of large ethylene capacity, so as to achieve the win-win situation of optimizing the balance of energy and maximizing the benefits of the enterprise

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