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Dandaren XCMG loader provides international humanitarian assistance

sample area is 25mm × 25mm × 2=1250mm2

assume the responsibility of XCMG loader to provide international humanitarian assistance

China Construction machinery information

recently, the China foundation for poverty alleviation provided humanitarian assistance to the flood stricken areas in Northeast Korea through the North Korea China non-governmental Exchange Association, and donated a XCMG wheel loader for the post disaster recovery and reconstruction in Northeast Korea

XCMG loaders provide international humanitarian assistance

it is reported that a serious flood occurred in the northeast of North Korea, causing a large number of casualties and heavy property losses. In order to help the local people resume production and rebuild their homes as soon as possible, the China foundation for poverty alleviation donated a XCMG loader to the disaster area through the North Korea China non-governmental Exchange Association and on the basis of the free emergency humanitarian material assistance provided by the Chinese government, and carried out the material donation and transfer

the road to great responsibility is a long way to go

in the face of disasters, at the critical moment of people's needs, there are always XCMG loaders to bring help and peace of mind to the masses

at the critical moment, XCMG loader rushed to the front line of emergency repair, opening up a safe passage for the collapse and flood damage site

to avoid idling loader taking the big responsibility and rushing to the first line of flood fighting in Jiangxi with Fangda group Jiujiang Pinggang flood fighting and rescue team

the flood swallowed up the main roads in the urban area, and XCMG loader turned into a "luxury car", Pick up citizens to "cross the river"

XCMG loaders leave at night to fully support the earthquake stricken areas in Gansu

the heavy snow pressed the city in the northeast, XCMG loaders rushed to the snow disaster rescue

in the face of danger, but under the pattern of weak growth of the global economy, XCMG loaders rushed to the disaster areas

can be provided for prototype production

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