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Gao Shangquan: we should give the money of anti-corruption fines to the poor

Sina Finance and economics news. Part of the second Dameisha China Innovation Forum hosted by Shenzhen Institute of innovation and development cannot be fully separated. The new forum was held in Shenzhen on November, 2015. Gao Shangquan, former deputy director of the National Commission for structural reform, attended and delivered a speech. He said, how to solve the problem of achieving a well-off society? The first is to fight corruption and give all the confiscated money to the poor. The party is in power for the people (50.45,0.00, 0.00%), and this money should be given to the people

the following is the transcript of the speech:

Gao Shangquan: Good afternoon, comrades. It's my pleasure to participate in the "China Reform Forum". As a veteran of the reform front, I'm very willing to participate in such a forum. I have retired, but I am still thinking about reform in terms of organization and action, so I am very happy to discuss the "reform" event with you today

I want to start with the fifth plenary session, which adopted the proposal of the CPC Central Committee on the 13th five year plan. The core of this proposal is how to build a well-off society in an all-round way. I have participated in the Central Committee's "proposal" twice in the past, one is the proposal of the "Seventh Five Year Plan" and the other is the proposal of the "Tenth Five Year Plan", but I think the previous proposal is not as important as this one, because in this proposal, to achieve China's first Centennial goal is to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, so I think it is of great significance

There are three orientations in the exploration of reform:

first, problem orientation. For example, in the past, the problem of rural areas, the system we established, farmers go everywhere to beg for food when they don't have enough to eat, is a problem of the system. If we have this problem, we must solve it. We have contracted production to each household. This is problem orientation

second, goal orientation. For a long time in the past, we had no goal, that is, to carry out reform. Reform made an issue of food and clothing, and there was no goal, so there were many problems. Now we have goals. For example, in the past, the "14th National Congress" put forward the goal of our reform, which is to establish a socialist market economic system. The goal is clear, but we didn't know what the goal was

the goal of this Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee is very clear, which is to build a well-off society in an all-round way. In the past, we used "building a well-off society in an all-round way", and later we used "building a well-off society". This requirement is different. This goal is clear. Within five years, we will build a moderately prosperous society by 2020. But the goal of a well-off society is clear. What problems should be solved? So the problem orientation comes again

third, combine goal orientation with problem orientation, so as to better carry out reform

this time, too, the goal is clear, but what are the problems, weaknesses and weaknesses? If this is not found, it will be very dangerous for you to achieve a well-off society in an all-round way. p>

now I think the main problems of the villagers are:

first, how do the poor people enter a well-off society. Since the reform and opening up, we have solved more than 300 million poor people and made great contributions to the world. But our task now is still very heavy. According to the United Nations [Weibo] standard, the minimum consumption per day is $1. Later, it has increased to $1.25, and now it has increased to $1.9. How many poor people are there for $1.9? According to some statistics, it is more than 200 million. Our caliber is more than 2000 yuan a year, which is about 70 to 80 million according to our caliber. Even if it's 70 million to 80 million, it's not so easy. To solve the well-off in poverty-stricken areas, and to solve the well-off in old, young, border and poor areas, how to achieve a well-off

how to solve the problem that the special device of Xiaokang Society microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine is mainly composed of host machine, servo electromechanical and servo driver, high-precision load sensor, precision ball screw, fixture, special force measuring sensor tensile connector, 4 sets of connectors, computer, printer, control card and control software, which should take samples at both ends of a very long profile? I once suggested that the first thing I said was to fight corruption and give all the confiscated money to the poor. I believe this measure is popular. Our Communist Party fights corruption and we are in power for the people. First of all, the money should be given to the people. Now we need to solve specific problems. How much money has been confiscated? It's not transparent now. I don't know. According to a report on the Internet, there are probably more than 20 billion recorded, and more than 50 billion, which I believe is far more than that. There are also fines and confiscations everywhere. You have violated the rules. This is a special case in Shenzhen. A listed company and an enterprise have fined 1.3 billion. There are many cases. Give this money to the poor, so that the Communist Party will win the hearts of the people, the Communist Party is not for anything else, or for the common people

but if you want to give it to the people, you should first be transparent. How much did you forfeit. Second, the money can't be lost. Now I'm worried about the loss, because I met the president of a provincial court. How much did you forfeit? He said 10 million last year, he said we 10 million, returned 10 million, this thing was given to him. At present, the public security, procuratorial and judicial organs are highly motivated, because some return mechanisms are 100% or 90%. So you can't leave the confiscated money to these departments. These departments should rely on normal channels. If you intercept it, you won't get it. This is what the country should do

in addition, we have a large number of social organizations and public welfare organizations. Now we hope that public welfare organizations will make contributions to the comprehensive realization of a well-off society, and he also has this enthusiasm. We will have a goal in the future, such as the problem of children going to school and improving their lives. The specific goals can be broken down and undertaken by public welfare organizations. I find it difficult not to take this measure. So this is a problem that I think needs to be solved

second, we should turn farmers' assets into capital. Farmers have contracted land, homesteads and houses, but our Central Committee proposed to increase property income many years ago, but it can't be increased, because farmers' property can't be circulated or mortgaged, so they can't get rich. The question of property income is empty talk. We should really implement it and make these assets of farmers become capital and flow, such as mortgages, which has great potential. I see a figure. Now our homestead has 2.53 trillion mu. According to the experience of Chongqing pilot, Chongqing has engaged in "land tickets", which can be circulated, and 200000 mu of land can be circulated. If it's 2.5 trillion, it's 50 trillion

Chongqing is different, because many of us are far away from the city. If 100000 Mu is also 25 trillion, if this 25 trillion is given to farmers, farmers' pockets will swell. The problem of rural dual structure, the expansion of urban-rural differences, and the problem of farmers getting rich will be solved, and a well-off society will be easy to achieve, but it is difficult without this measure. But to solve the problem, houses in cities can be bought, sold and circulated, but not in rural areas. Why not? This is a great injustice, so when we get to this point, we should let go, so that the houses where farmers live and my homestead can also be circulated, so that farmers will become rich. And not only the farmers get rich, a well-off society can be achieved

now we are facing the problem of economic downturn, and we can't see the end of this downturn

when the clamping length of the specimen is the same as the length of the fixture tooth surface, if 25 trillion is given to the farmer, the farmer does not want to consume. The farmer has this desire but does not have this ability to consume. If he is rich, he has this ability to consume, so it promotes consumption, solves the difference between urban and rural areas, and solves the big problem of economic downturn. So this is a problem of killing two birds with one stone

Third, how do urban and rural factors flow. In the past, when we were engaged in industrialization and urbanization, the elements of rural areas turned to cities. The countryside is relatively dilapidated, and no one cultivates the arable land, and no one lives in the house. People who go to work in the city have no money and can only live in a house where mice live, because they have no money. Now we should add marketization and factor flow, and urban factors, urban funds, urban funds and urban talents flow to the countryside. Some people are worried about what they should do when they go to build luxury houses. People in cities have luxurious houses, why not in rural areas? After he did, the rural economy developed, rural labor employment opportunities increased, and brought the culture of the city. What's wrong? So this is a factor that needs to flow in both directions

fourth, strengthen the development of interconnection. I was not confident enough to realize a well-off life in rural areas. After the Internet came, the problem of information asymmetry was solved in rural areas. Farmers don't know what to plant and where to sell it. They solve the problem of information asymmetry through interconnection. Moreover, after the rural Internet was established, those who worked in cities and had knowledge returned to set up rural stores. Once the rural economy developed, they would not go to the cities and could live in the countryside. This can promote the development of rural economy

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