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It is very important to check the green reform of the building energy consumption door and window industry

the "shutdown tide" in the heating season in northern cities affects the nerves of the building materials and real estate industry. The shutdown directly affects the sales of the building materials industry, which means the extension of the construction period and the pressure of the capital chain for the real estate industry. It aims to help manufacturers and designers create more possibilities for developing new products. In order to develop in the new normal with such strict requirements for green buildings, the building materials component industry must be reformed

as the most powerful vehicle to drive the domestic economy, the "fuel consumption per kilometer" of the construction industry is also quite huge. After the unprecedented pace of real estate, the quality problems left, the surge in energy consumption and the haze climate have also made home buyers complain incessantly. At the same time, after the real estate market turned rational, developers also found that the extensive development model could not well control costs. From the perspective of building life cycle and full cycle cost performance, green buildings have once again entered the vision of the real estate industry

the requirements for green buildings have long been very clear, requiring buildings to minimize the use of synthetic materials, make full use of sunlight and save energy. Taking the coordinated development of people, buildings and the natural environment as the goal, while using natural conditions and artificial means to create a good and healthy living environment, we should control and reduce the use and damage to the natural environment as much as possible, and fully reflect the balance between demand and return from nature. These detailed and complex needs are inseparable from the support of the building materials industry

green reform is crucial to the door and window industry.

if "eyes are the windows of the soul", then for architecture, doors and windows are the eyes of architecture. It opens a channel to link the outside world, while avoiding outdoor pollution and temperature difference from entering the room directly. For green buildings that are ultimately judged by energy consumption, the door and window industry is a warrior in front

in mid June, the "second national wood window industry summit forum and innovative achievements exhibition" jointly sponsored by China Building Metal Structure Association, the architectural design branch of China Survey and Design Association and the real estate chamber of Commerce of Shanghai Federation of industry and commerce was held in Shanghai. The president of China Building Metal Structure Association said that building an ecological civilization and taking a healthy road of green and environmental protection is the direction of the joint efforts of the central government and the people of the whole country. China's building energy consumption has become the first of the three major energy consumption, and the proportion of doors and windows in building energy consumption is more than 50%. All parts of the country have successively formulated new energy-saving indicators for doors and windows, accelerating the development of energy-saving doors and windows

the wood window industry has a high concentration of product groups and many well-known brands. The top ten enterprises in the industry have strong R & D and production capabilities. They are the best enterprises in the industry, with a market share of more than 80%. These enterprises are not only famous brands in the wood window industry, but also well-known brands in the whole door and window industry. Especially in aluminum clad wood doors and windows, we have made many positive efforts and breakthroughs. However, the requirements of the door and window industry are constantly improving. In order to meet the requirements of green buildings, we must constantly push through the old and bring forth the new in the research and development of direct reading digital quantification products

the voice is quite high, and high-speed development needs standards to keep up with

in terms of standards and specifications, China's "national standard for wooden doors and windows" may be officially introduced at the beginning of next year. Guoxiaowu (blog), an expert of the Technical Committee for the transformation of building products and components and accessories of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, said that the introduction of the national standard for wooden doors and windows will promote the standardized development of wooden doors in production, installation and consumption

with the development of China's real estate industry, the business community and the majority of consumers have a higher voice for the standardization of wooden doors and windows. Therefore, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development approved the formulation of the "national standard for wooden doors and windows" as early as 2007. After more than three years of research, it is expected to be officially introduced at the beginning of next year

in the past decade, the domestic wooden door industry has mostly adopted customized non-standard production and marketing methods, and most wooden door production is customized. China's wood door industry has a low degree of standardization, resulting in low factory production efficiency, long delivery cycle and other shortcomings. Wood door products are also mixed, and the wood door industry is in urgent need of standardization

in recent years, consumers' complaints and disputes about wooden door products are also increasing. At present, there are many kinds of wooden door products on the market, Consumers are choosing products. Obama said: "When we have the most dynamic economic products in the world, we cannot fully understand the real situation of all kinds of wooden doors. Standardized wooden door products will be conducive to the protection of the interests of consumers.

there is still room for improvement in the standard door and window industry.

while establishing strict standards, the starting point of the domestic wooden window industry is higher. Some wooden door enterprises in China have begun to vigorously promote the standardized production of wooden doors. The product quality of many enterprises has reached the national standard At the international level, 80% of the enterprises in the wood window industry have complete sets of processing centers and introduce advanced equipment from Germany and Italy. The product quality has been close to the level of developed countries in Europe and the United States. For example, at the beginning of the year, the holy elephant spent 200 million yuan to introduce a standard production line from Europe. 1 generally, it is now chopped, ground into small pieces or granulated; Through cooperation with Germany, the window of Milan in Beijing has introduced the high-tech intelligent production line of German industry 4.0 standard, becoming the largest production base of aluminum clad wood doors and windows in the system

with the vigorous implementation of green buildings and the improvement of people's living standards, there are higher requirements for the quality of doors and windows. Real estate developers, architectural designers and engineers are also constantly improving the construction quality. High quality wooden windows have their market vitality. As the gatekeeper of building energy consumption, the door and window industry has led the orderly development of energy-saving green buildings and promoted the promotion, research and development and use of high-performance energy-saving wood windows in China. It is believed that with the strong assistance of doors and windows, the development of green buildings can also enter the fast lane

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