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"Glass" behind 8K Technology: Corning's new glass substrate appeared

since digital painting became the mainstream skill in the 1990s, the TV industry has developed rapidly. As an important part, display technology is also updated with the needs of TV manufacturers and consumers for pictures

Corning display technology is one of them. As early as the 1980s, Corning entered the Chinese market with TV skills and consumer products. Its products are mainly used in LCD glass substrates of televisions, laptops, desktop computers and portable electronic and communication equipment. At present, Corning Hefei 10.5 generation glass substrate factory, a larger glass substrate production plant in the world, has been put into operation

on May 29, Corning Emerging Technology Co., Ltd. held Corning? Astra? Glass new product launch. Is this Astra? In addition to the world information presentation Society (SID) presentation Week held in San Jose, California, the new glass product was unveiled for the first time in China

according to the introduction, Corning? Astra? Glass is a new type of glass substrate, which will meet the application needs of medium and large-scale virtual appearance of high-performance tablet computers, notebook computers and 8K TVs. Talking about the reason why Astra's policy of dissolving excess coal production capacity has been well implemented by relevant departments this year, Lin Zhenhan, director of high-performance display business of Corning Glass technology, said, "Astra" means starry sky, which means forever. Glass literally translates into glass and mirror, which represents brightness. The combination of the two shows that this new product has the characteristics and vision of permanent brightness

1080p, 4K, 8K thin film transistors under the microscope

Su Baihua, senior project manager of Corning Glass technology, before introducing the characteristics of new product technology development, first explained several major trends of emerging technology, namely, the pursuit of higher resolution, higher dynamic scale, wider chromaticity. In order to ensure the fashion of appearance, narrower borders and larger scales are needed. In addition, the economy of glass is also within the scope of consideration. The demand increases the output value and reduces the material cost

under this trend, the skills of oxide semiconductors came into being. Obtaining effective information and improving the resolution through oxide semiconductors is now a development direction of high-end TVs. It is understood that Astra glass, a new product with oxide semiconductor skills, can complete better impression skills, assist customers in precise fitting and large-scale display

1080p, 4K, 8K thin film transistor imaging is different

talking about the development of display technology industry in the western region, chenzhishan, President of Corning display technology (China), introduced that Corning has many development plans in the western region. "At the beginning of 2017, Corning's 8.5 generation glass substrate factory in Chongqing was put into operation, mainly providing products and services to customers in the western region. Last year, a joint venture factory between Corning and China Electronics was set up in Chengdu, and the production work is very good. Of course, these production lines are also in Corning's global production and supply chain, and serve customers in the western region of China more in terms of logistics costs and risk control." Chen Zhishan said

Xie Dongting, vice president of China's commerce of Corning display technology, added that the government attaches great importance to the development of the western region. With the support of the policy, the panel profession has been better and better developed in the western region. In the early stage, BOE and Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. invested in Chengdu, and recently BOE began to deploy in Chongqing, which are strong evidence

at the beginning of this year, Samsung and Huawei both launched flexible folding screens. As a glass manufacturer, what are the new development plans of Corning display technology? In this regard, Chen Zhishan revealed that the application of glass in folding still needs a period of development, which will produce moire fringes. Now the company is discussing solutions with customers, and will launch sophisticated foldable products in the future

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