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The industrialization of tire industry and the self-discipline standard of green tires may be completed by the end of the year.

recently, fan Rende, President of China Rubber Association, pointed out at the (expanded) meeting of the tire Branch Council of China Rubber Industry Association that traditional health products are made in bottles and cans. China's green tire industrialization should include two aspects, one is the standard of green tires, and the other is the construction of tire test sites. China's green tire manufacturing is years behind that of foreign countries. This year, the European Union began to implement the tire labeling law. Because there are no relevant standards and test sites in China, enterprises can only take out a large number of tires to test abroad, costing millions to tens of millions of yuan. They have paid high tuition fees before entering the market, which also affects the development of the industry. To this end, promoting the industrialization of green tires, formulating China's green tire self-discipline standards and building tire test sites are the top priorities of current and future work, and also the most urgent requirements of enterprises at present. The association is urgent for enterprises. At present, it is organizing the formulation of green tire industrialization plans and green tire self-discipline standards that are in line with international standards and national conditions. This work has been supported by the Ministry of industry and information technology and will be completed by the end of the year

Ma Liang, vice president of Beijing rubber industry research and Design Institute, said that China needs more than one tire testing ground to deal with the EU tire labeling law. However, due to its large investment, high operating costs and lack of talents, it is difficult for enterprises to operate alone, so there is no testing ground in China so far. As a result, once the export tire has problems, it will be very passive. After July 1, the tires sold in the EU market have begun to be labeled. For the sake of insurance, many domestic enterprises have reduced the grade of exported tires by one grade, which will also bring losses to enterprises. At present, the construction of the test site can take the form of association organization and enterprise participation, or it can be the construction of a third-party organization independent of the tire enterprise, but it is very difficult to land acquisition and investment on its own

yuanzhongxue, chairman of soft control Co., Ltd., introduced the situation of several domestic enterprises preparing to build tire test sites. At present, the state has approved 960 mu of land to Shandong Linglong tire company, and 1000 mu of land is pending approval. The European design company has been hired to complete the design of the tire test site. The construction is about to start, and some of it can be put into use next year and next. Hangzhou Zhongce has reserved land for a small-scale test site in its production base in Jintan, Zhejiang Province this year, mainly for slippery and noise tests. Dongying City, Shandong Province, will take out 2000 mu of land in the Development Zone, with part of the government investment and part of the funds raised from the society to build a tire testing ground, which will be handed over to a third party for management, and may also be put into use in the next year

yuan Zhongxue called that China is already the world's largest tire producer, and the industry has now reached the stage of rational development. Tire quality is highly valued, and there is no test site, and there is a lack of measured data, which greatly restricts the research and development of new tire products and the improvement of quality, let alone the development of green tires, which greatly affects the market operation of tire enterprises and the overall improvement of chemical composition. Therefore, it is urgent to build a testing ground

what is the correct method for the vice president of Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. to calibrate the speed and pneumatic value of the tension machine? Liu Zhancun said that an enterprise invested too much in the construction of a tire test site, which made it difficult to operate. He hoped that the association would organize, all parties would participate in the shares, and the third party would operate. At the same time, he also wanted to strive for the detection data to be recognized abroad

fan Rende said that in August this year, the association went to Linglong company to investigate the test site, and has reached a consensus with Linglong company, hoping to speed up the construction of the tire test site by organizing the association, taking shares in tire enterprises, and handing it over to a third party, and said that the association will work with Linglong to come up with an implementation plan as soon as possible

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