The industrial structure of China's rubber industr

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The industrial structure of China's rubber industry needs to be gradually adjusted.

due to repeated construction and blind Stern's development of polymers for the friction and wear utilization of automotive systems in the past five years, China's rubber industry has formed as many as thousands of small and scattered factories, with backward technology, poor quality and waste of resources. This unreasonable industrial structure is the deep-seated reason for the backward technology, poor efficiency and difficult development of the rubber industry, and is a major obstacle to the development of the industry. Relevant experts pointed out that we must make the greatest determination to make practical and lasting efforts from the tenth five year plan, and gradually improve and optimize

experts suggested that the large manufacturers of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. should be trusted. During the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, clear industrial policies should be formulated to curb the blind development of small and inferior enterprises, especially small and inferior tire enterprises, stop repeated construction, promote the continuous deepening and reorganization of international cooperation in the field of mergers and joint equipment, and firmly support the development of large enterprises and enterprise groups with high technological level and strong competitiveness. By 2010, 1-2 rubber enterprises in China will be ranked among the top 10 lever surface processing T-grooves in the world rubber industry, and 2-4 enterprises will be ranked among the top 20. Gradually improve the industrial concentration of China's rubber industry and enhance its competitiveness

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