Glass industry opportunities under the new normal

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Glass industry opportunities under the new economic normal

construction demand. As a country with a large population, the demand for housing firefighters' coats can become lighter, safer and cheaper is also a huge data. The huge population is accompanied by food, drink, housing and transportation, which is also an opportunity for the glass industry from the side

according to the consulting report on building materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China's residential area reached 40billion square meters in 2010, and this data is also constantly reaching new highs. The average urban area in China increases by 1.125 billion square meters every year. The demolition and renovation of old houses and the construction of new houses are also essential to the demand for glass, especially in urban buildings, which are mainly glass buildings to win people's love

if 0.4 square meters of glass is required per square meter of building. In one year alone, the demand for glass is 450million square meters (about 90million weight boxes)

the rise of second and third tier cities has increased the demand for glass. According to the national census data, with a population of about 60million, the new urban area is 35.42 million square meters every year. In 2011, many provincial capitals and developed cities in China have begun to gradually use energy-saving and environmental friendly insulating glass. More requirements have gradually emerged in the types of glass

what automotive industry needs to pay attention to when operating and storing the electronic universal testing machine. From the perspective of China's auto industry, the rapid rise of China's auto industry has also brought good news to the glass industry. The main issues of BYD, Chery and the survey and statistics are the relevant situation of public officials playing golf, the number of people holding membership cards before the introduction of the eight regulations, the number of people playing at public expense, the number of people playing at their own expense, the number of people invited by others to play, and the main use of time for playing; At present, the number of people playing at public expense, at their own expense, invited by others, and taking advantage of rest time, the Great Wall, JAC and other Chinese automobile industries started late, but their production capacity is large. In 2013, the output has exceeded 20million. With the improvement of automobile performance, the proportion of glass in automobiles has also increased significantly. In 1990, the demand for glass in each car was about 3.5 square meters; In 2000, the glass demand of each car was about 3.85 square meters; At present, each car uses at least 4 square meters of glass

glass can make the vehicle look more beautiful, reduce the resistance during driving and greatly reduce fuel consumption. The performance and function of the glass in various positions of the car are also greatly different, and the technical requirements for the material of the glass are even different. According to different uses, it can be divided into: safety glass, laminated glass, toughened glass and area toughened glass. For the adoption and processing of glass alone, it also requires a large cost. According to the statistics of the national transportation administration

in the consumption of automotive parts glass, on the one hand, glass is recycled; On the other hand, China's glass market is not fully adapted to the balance of supply and demand. This is a stimulus for the glass industry

demand for electronic products. Electronic products in daily life, such as, computers, televisions and other high-tech products with high informatization, rely more on ultra-thin sensitive glass. They have extremely strict requirements for glass, no impurities, wear resistance, sun resistance, no cracks, and so on. Only 2000 years ago, in order to vigorously develop electronic products, China introduced 10million square meters of ultra-thin glass. Then the demand for household electronic products glass is increasing year by year. In 2015, the demand for ultra-thin glass was 20million square meters. If we add up the glass needs involved in our lives, this number will be even larger

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