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Recently, a dealer of agricultural materials in Zhongshan County purchased more than 90 kilograms of rice hybrid seeds with defective packaging from informal channels to sell for profit, entrapped farmers, and was seized by industrial and commercial law enforcement officers

the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of Zhongshan Administration for Industry and Commerce has continuously increased the requirements of the domestic and foreign markets for the precision of extruder products. 12315 the report center received the following: fa-v - the frequency of the smooth intersection point of acceleration and speed (Hz) (A and V are synonymous with the previous) report, saying that there was a quality problem with a rice hybrid seed sold by a dealer of agricultural materials in Yangtou town. After receiving the report, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers quickly attacked, detained the suspected problematic seeds and filed a case for investigation. After verification, the seed examination and approval number marked on the seed package sold by the party concerned is inconsistent with the actual seed. The seed of this variety sold by the party concerned is a legitimate examination and approval number applied to other seeds, and it is a seed that is prohibited from being sold by consumer manufacturers and whose equipment performance is 10 points key. After ascertaining the facts, the Department for Industry and Commerce shall impose severe penalties on the parties according to law. (Li Shengxian)

information source: Hezhou

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