Glass fiber composite exhibition under the hottest

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Glass fiber composite exhibition under the crisis

in May 2009, the cathode was basically graphite. From 13 to 15, the Sixth China glass fiber composite exhibition was held in Shanghai Everbright International Convention and Exhibition Center. At a time when the global economy is in recession and crisis, it is conceivable that it is difficult to hold a highly professional export-oriented industry exhibition. Affected by the international market, many domestic enterprises are not very optimistic about the future of enterprise development, coupled with poor capital flow, reducing publicity costs has become a common phenomenon. Compared with previous exhibitions, the exhibition area and exhibition enterprises of this exhibition have shrunk, and the number of visitors is not as good as before, but the number of effective visitors has not been significantly reduced. Some of the visitors also put forward many suggestions and opinions, leaving thoughts on the next development direction of the exhibition

throughout this exhibition, the main features are as follows:

first, the total number of visitors decreased, but the proportion of professional visitors increased. There are fewer spectators, but more professional spectators. Most of the visitors are workers in the industry. They want to know about the development market and trend of the glass fiber industry through the exhibition. Some of these visitors are enterprise personnel who have participated in the exhibition but did not participate this time. On the day of the exhibition, more than 1500 exhibition tickets were issued, many of which were familiar faces in the industry

II. The influence of the glass fiber composite exhibition remains. Although the scale of this exhibition is reduced, its influence on the glass fiber industry still exists. Among the visitors to this exhibition, there are many well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises such as DSM composite resin group, Celanese (China) Investment Co., Ltd., International Industrial Textiles Association (IFAI), China Europe Textile Alliance (CETA), Henkel Co., Ltd., which are well-known enterprises in the composite industry. They paid more attention to the exhibition than expected, from the scale of the exhibition to the number of visitors, from the products and technologies displayed in the exhibition to the number of customers negotiated with it, all of them were extra careful, as if they wanted to smell the rise and fall of China's fiberglass composite industry from the exhibition

third, the technical exchange meeting attracts more visitors than the exhibition. Among the exhibition visitors, a high proportion are interested in the technical exchange meeting. The time for arranging the technical exchange meeting in this exhibition is only one morning, and the conference room can accommodate more than 50 people. In the early stage of the exchange meeting, the conference room is full, and its popularity is better than that of the exhibition. After the meeting, someone asked about the arrangement of the technical exchange meeting

IV. The exhibition effect of exhibitors is uneven. The number of visitors to this exhibition is small, but due to different preparations, the performance of exhibitors is also different. Many enterprises did not contact potential customers before attending the exhibition. At the same time, some enterprises have to specify the corresponding handover system to inform their customers before the exhibition, so as to focus on solving questions and watching products at the exhibition, which has brought popularity to the exhibition. For example, Weifang Gaodian composite material Co., Ltd. informed its customers before the exhibition and came to the exhibition for negotiation. Through this exhibition, we gained a deep understanding of power supply - 220V 50Hz and gained a lot

more than 60 enterprises participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of more than 3000 square meters, a total of more than 3000 visitors, and more than 1500 effective visitors, which is the least of previous exhibitions. From this exhibition, we can clearly feel the impact of the economic crisis on China's economy, especially on China's glass fiber industry

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