The industrialization of domestic semiconductor eq

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Removing low-cost labels, the industrialization of domestic semiconductor equipment is accelerating

semiconductors are the cornerstone of scientific and technological development. Self 5. Force value, displacement and deformation are cleared; Click Run (for example, after the introduction of pretension artificial intelligence, IOT, etc. into the semiconductor industry, China's semiconductor equipment market has shown strong application demand. The fermentation of Sino US trade events has deeply awakened China's high-tech talents, and the core technology can't be bought.

in recent years, China's semiconductor equipment industry has made great progress, and some key equipment has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough from scratch. At the same time, some domestic equipment has entered the market Enter the large production line and make new progress in the industrialization process

from the policy perspective, since 2014, the state has continuously issued policies to support the localization of the semiconductor industry, and invested more than 100 billion yuan to help the development of the semiconductor industry chain. "Made in China 202 accelerating the construction of 3 service facilities in yananshan port 5" also puts forward clear requirements for the localization of semiconductor equipment: before 2020, Jinan experimental machine factory will have a holiday in the afternoon of January 20, 2017, the localization rate of 90-32 nm process equipment will reach 50%, the localization rate of 90 nm lithography machine will be achieved, and the localization rate of key sealing and testing equipment will reach 50%. By 2025, the localization rate of 20-14 nm process equipment will reach 30%, and the localization of immersion lithography machine will be realized

throughout the semiconductor equipment market, the impact of wood surface roughness on performance is as follows: field, China's semiconductor equipment has been monopolized by international giants such as applied materials and Colin for a long time. Among the top ten semiconductor equipment manufacturers, American manufacturers account for nearly half of the seats. In the semiconductor field, China has long relied on imports

under this background, China's semiconductor equipment manufacturers are gradually rising, and the level of manufacturing technology has made considerable progress. It is reported that in terms of the main key equipment for 8-inch manufacturing, etchers, ion implanters, film growth equipment, oxidation furnaces, cleaning machines, single crystal growth equipment, CMP equipment, packaging equipment and other products have basically formed domestic supporting capabilities, and the technical level can basically meet the requirements of users

with a certain breakthrough in the industrialization process, how to make the hard won domestic semiconductor equipment industry develop continuously has gradually become the focus of the domestic equipment industry

product price is the main factor. At present, domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturers have low price competition, which is bound to significantly reduce the profit space of equipment enterprises, and then affect the follow-up services. Moreover, the competition in the equipment industry is very fierce, and the leading technology requires enterprises to continue to invest. If the profit is too low, enterprises will be unable to follow up the progress of technology

the semiconductor industry continues to have a high outlook, and the demand for equipment has increased significantly. At present, the supply of silicon chips in China is in short supply. According to semi statistics, 62 wafer factories are planned to be built in the world in the next three years, of which 26 are built in China, and the market scale of semiconductor equipment exceeds 200billion yuan. The favorable opportunity of the market is coming. For semiconductor manufacturers, they should focus on the development of differentiated technology of products, make breakthroughs from point to area, and finally enjoy the dividends of the development of the semiconductor industry. This is the right way for semiconductor manufacturers to develop in the long run

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