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With the rapid development of science and technology and the increasingly fierce market competition, commodity packaging has become an important means to promote sales and enhance competitiveness. Many new technologies, new processes and new ideas have been applied to the design, processing and production development of packaging, so as to combine products with technology and promote the development of packaging technology; With the help of related technology and related disciplines, new packaging technology and new packaging industry have finally formed. This paper analyzes the design of packaging, packaging technology, packaging equipment, packaging to make the pressure of its four corners fall evenly, loading new materials, packaging new industry and so on

first, the trend of packaging design

packaging design has entered the era of computerization. Traditional packaging design methods and means have been difficult to adapt to the very fierce market competition. Today's designers must have the basic skills and computer technology of packaging design, be able to think, appreciate and understand creativity, and how to use computers and various design software, such as color blocks, plans, signs and other floppy disks, to make modular combinations of them

at the same time, you must also know the relevant packaging manufacturing process, how to select materials, and how to use modern packaging manufacturing equipment, such as prepress process equipment, post press processing equipment, etc. In a word, reference and combination are the mainstream of packaging design with repeatability relative error ≤ 1% in the next five experimental force indications

second, the development of packaging technology

packaging technology mainly refers to the manufacturing technology in the process of packaging production. The development of packaging technology is realized with the help of the development of related science compared with traditional plastic packaging materials. For example, the molding process of packaging, the bonding process of packaging, the printing process of packaging, and the decoration (finishing process) of packaging have gone through a process of improvement and perfection

packaging molding process. Including the molding of metal, plastic, paper packaging and other composite packaging. In the past, plastic packaging was widely used in shoemaking, leather making and other fields. Extrusion, hot pressing, stamping and other molding, which have accumulated a lot of quality control experience, have been gradually used in the molding of paperboard packaging. Many packaging molding of different materials have achieved the simplification and scientization of their processes with the help of air pressure, impact, wet processing, vacuum technology

plastic foaming and molding technology has been widely used in the foaming and molding of paper mold packaging products, so that packaging waste will no longer pollute the environment

the post press processing technology of packaging is more scientific and applicable. The waxing and film coating process in packaging surface treatment has been gradually replaced by surface gelatinization (glue spraying)

the packaging drying process has also changed from ordinary hot drying to UV curing, making it more energy-saving, fast and reliable

the printing process of packaging is also more diversified. In particular, silk printing and gravure printing have been used in the packaging and printing of high-end goods

there are also anti-counterfeiting packaging production processes, which have changed from local printing or production to integrated large-area printing and production anti-counterfeiting

to sum up, packaging technology is the technology with the fastest development, the largest changes and the largest variety. It is also the content that many manufacturers compete to study and block each other

Third, the development of packaging equipment

packaging equipment is packaging machinery. Its market competition is fierce, but the prospect is very broad. It has developed into one of the ten major categories of China's machinery industry

at present, packaging machinery tends to be high-speed, efficient and high-quality. Focus on energy conservation, light weight, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, and environmental protection. Many packaging machines have become intelligent

IV. new trend of packaging materials

packaging materials are the most active research direction in the whole packaging industry. The quality of packaging mostly depends on the performance of packaging materials. Without good packaging materials, there will be no good packaging products. Nowadays, many new products and processes must be matched with new packaging materials in order to achieve a good packaging effect

the development of new environmental friendly packaging materials has achieved initial results. The plastic packaging represented by EPS fast food boxes will be replaced by new paper packaging

many cities have banned the use of ultra-thin plastic bags (packaging), and plastic bag packaging materials are developing towards water-soluble non polluting materials

wood packaging is looking for alternative packaging materials. Other new auxiliary packaging materials also need to be studied urgently. Such as adhesives, surface treatment agents, inks, etc. Environmental friendly inks (or green inks for short) have become popular internationally. Zhuzhou Institute of technology has developed several water-based inks, which have been put into mass production, and users have responded well

v. development of new packaging technology

many new packaging technologies are based on new packaging thinking. The new packaging thinking is to transcend the existing or existing packaging technology and products, and apply the combination of other related technologies to packaging to form a new packaging technology. There are several categories of technologies in this regard:

1 Packaging curing technology curing and drying energy is changing from heat to light

2. Packaging cutting and molding technology new cutting and molding equipment

3. Packaging and processing technology, packaging and processing

4. The packaging function borrows technology, and the packaging function exceeds the packaging and adds value

5. Packaging function protection technology adds functional ingredients such as fresh-keeping, sterilization, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti odor and so on into the packaging materials

in addition to the above, there is also the packaging technology of fresh goods (packaging of living packages). In addition, with the emergence of new packaging materials, some technologies in the packaging process have also changed. For example, the appearance of self-adhesive stretch wrapping film makes the wrapping, shrinking, binding and other processes integrated, and the operation can be simplified and fast

VI. development of packaging industrialization

the development of packaging industrialization increases its share in the market through the combination of technology and products

good products must have good packaging. Only with good packaging can there be a good market, which complements each other

the future packaging industry should have both characteristics and scale. The packaging industry must be supported by the industry, backed by equipment and technology, and take the road of collectivization. Specialization and technological innovation are the fundamental magic weapons for the packaging industry to remain invincible in competition

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