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Post subsidy era of household appliances: the industry is facing a turning point

as household appliances to the countryside is coming to an end, the once popular household appliances subsidy two giants -- household appliances to the countryside and household appliances trade in policy come to an end one by one. The new round of energy-saving subsidies for household appliances has significantly weakened its role in boosting the market. In the era of post subsidy for household appliances, the household appliance industry will face a turning point

the driving force of subsidies is weakening

in the South July 1st home appliance store, citizen Wang Chuanru is looking at home appliances. His son is getting married. Now there are energy-saving subsidies, so look ahead and see if there are cheap home appliances. However, what made her hesitate was that the price of energy-saving air conditioners was much higher than that of ordinary air conditioners

Wang Chuanru calculated that the price of energy-saving products ranged from 4000 yuan to 6000 yuan, while the price of ordinary air conditioners was only about 3000 yuan. If you buy an energy-saving air conditioner with more than 4000 yuan, you will get a subsidy of threeorfour yuan, which is more than 1000 yuan more expensive than an ordinary air conditioner

we can see in various home appliance stores that the price of energy-saving home appliances is indeed much higher than that of ordinary home appliances, but the subsidy is relatively small, which is obviously a little thirsty for consumers. The person in charge of a household appliance store revealed that since the implementation of the energy-saving subsidy policy, the sales of energy-saving household appliances have indeed increased. However, because energy-saving household appliances belong to high-end household appliances and account for a small share of the entire household appliance market, the coverage and subsidy intensity of the policy are not as large as those of household appliances going to the countryside and replacing the old with the new. Relatively speaking, the driving effect of the Household Appliance Subsidy Policy on the market is weakening

great impact in the vacuum period

the driving effect of subsidies is weakening, but what if there is no subsidy? Many salesmen in home appliance stores have experienced this problem personally

after the end of the policy of replacing old household appliances with new ones last year and before the beginning of the energy-saving subsidy for household appliances this year, although there is a policy of sending household appliances to the countryside, the scope of the subsidy is relatively small, which is equivalent to a 'vacuum period' of subsidies, and the impact on household appliance sales is still great. Xiao Chen, a salesman at a home appliance store near sanli'an, Hefei, told me that business in the home appliance store was very light at that time, and there were few people even at the weekend

according to a data released by Anhui Provincial Bureau of statistics in April this year, the retail sales of household appliances and audio-visual equipment in Anhui Province reached 47 in the first quarter of this year 600 million yuan, an increase of 3.1%, an increase of 25% year-on-year 7 percentage points

for the retail industry with marginal capital close to 0, the decline of growth rate by nearly 30% fully illustrates the depression of the market. The policy of replacing old household appliances with new ones has promoted the centralized release of sales in advance, resulting in weak sales at the beginning of this year, which will be officially put into operation at the end of this month, according to the relevant personnel of the Provincial Bureau of statistics

the industry is facing a turning point

now many people are rushing to do electrical appliances before the end of the subsidy policy for home appliances to the countryside, and home appliance sales have also ushered in another blowout. According to the latest data, the monthly sales of household appliances to the countryside in Hefei in September reached 26740 million yuan, which was even more popular than during the Spring Festival

according to the data of Anhui province's home appliances to the countryside information management system, the cumulative sales of home appliances to the countryside in our province from January to September this year was 18.26 billion yuan, an increase of 18% year-on-year. The cumulative sales during the year ranked first in the country in recent two years. In the view of insiders, the sales blowout before the end of the policy just shows the arrival of the post subsidy era of household appliances. The household appliance industry is too obviously dependent on the subsidy policy. If there is a policy, it will be good, if not bad. A person in charge of a home appliance store told me

in fact, the short-term blowout cannot hide the overall weakness of the household appliance industry. According to Hefei Municipal Bureau of statistics, the growth rate of household appliance industry has slowed down significantly since this year. In the first three quarters, the output value was 92.96 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6% year-on-year, 7.7 percentage points lower than the industrial growth rate of the city, 21% lower than the same period last year 9 percentage points

without the national subsidy policy, the sales of home appliances will be much worse. A person in the industry except painting told that with the weakening of the consumption capacity of the home appliance market, the home appliance industry is also facing a turning point

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