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We all know that the use of numerical control plasma cutting machine is inseparable from the dependence on plasma power supply. With the rapid development of numerical control cutting machine in precision control and transmission system technology in recent years, the key to determine the machining accuracy of plasma cutting machine is gradually focusing on the quality of plasma power supply. But there are also careful users and enterprises will find that even if they use the same brand and model of plasma power supply, the quality processed by different operators will have different effects. What is affecting the use of plasma cutting machine

Dongguan zhenleili electromechanical found through many on-site cutting operations that on the basis of using the same plasma power supply, how to balance the current and voltage input of the plasma cutting machine power supply will become the key to affect the cutting quality:

first, the cutting current of the plasma cutting machine

the input current of the plasma cutting machine is the most important cutting process parameter, which directly determines the thickness and speed of cutting, that is, the cutting ability. Influence:

1. The cutting current increases, the arc energy increases, and the cutting energy 13 displacement rate control accuracy is within ± 0.2% of the set value; The cutting speed increases with the increase of force

2. The cutting current increases, the arc diameter increases, and the arc thickens, making the incision wider

3. Excessive cutting current will increase the thermal load of the nozzle. The software interface takes VB and VBA as the main development tools. The nozzle is damaged prematurely, and the cutting quality will naturally decline. I have seen the structure and operation method of the concrete pressure testing machine introduced by the technicians of Jinan new era gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. of our company, and even can't cut normally. Therefore, the cutting current and the corresponding nozzle should be correctly selected according to the thickness of the material before cutting

II. Arc voltage of plasma cutting machine

it is generally considered that the normal output voltage of plasma cutting machine power supply is the cutting voltage. Plasma arc cutting machines usually have high no-load voltage and working voltage. When using gases with high ionization energy such as nitrogen, hydrogen or air, the voltage required to stabilize the plasma arc will be higher. When the current is constant, the increase of voltage means the increase of arc enthalpy and cutting ability. If the enthalpy value is increased, the diameter of the jet is reduced and the flow rate of the gas is increased, the stress transfer part in the material is often less and less, and faster cutting speed and better cutting quality can be obtained. (end)

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