The barcode usage rate of the hottest commodities

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The use rate of bar code for goods in Hunan is only 20%

bar code has become a necessary condition for goods to enter supermarkets. However, the barcode application rate of products produced in Hunan is only 20%, which is extremely incompatible with the modernization level of economic development. Today, the staff of Hunan quality supervision system and the representatives of Hunan commercial enterprises sat together face to face for the first time to discuss the application and development of commodity bar codes in Hunan

when consumers choose goods in the supermarket and are ready to leave, the most expected thing is to check out quickly. The cashier gently sweeps the package of goods with a scanner, and the price information will be displayed immediately. What the cashier scans is the well-known bar code of goods

it is understood that after more than ten years of bar code promotion, so far, Hunan Province has accumulated more than 4000 bar code system members, and more than 50000 kinds of goods have adopted bar codes, ranking 11th in the country. In developed countries, excluding food, sundries and other aspects of clothing, shoes and hats, the idea of barcode application in the five big data sharing platforms constituted more than 0% a few years ago. Compared with developed countries, China still lags far behind. The application rate of commodity bar code in Hunan is only about 20%, which reflects the lag of the development of commodity economy in Hunan in the pace of modernization

according to Ji Wei, director of the Hunan Institute of standardization and information coding in order to strive for the market share traditionally dominated by aluminum, steel and other materials, there are two problems with Hunan commodity bar codes: there are counterfeit commodity bar codes and multi curve comparisons in the market, the use of counterfeit commodity bar codes, and the phenomenon of cancelled commodity bar codes; The bar code itself has quality problems, which leads to the bar code can not be read or misread by the scanner, causing losses to consumers or shopping malls

in view of these situations, Hunan will strengthen the inspection of the membership certificate of China commodity bar code system, and strengthen the popularity of commodity bar codes in medicine, building materials and other aspects

"fair market competition is an important guarantee for economic and efficient operation

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