Analysis of the most popular printing adaptability

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Printability analysis and the relationship between life

the relationship between printing and life

cheque: engraved intaglio (wheat head), flat page (shading), relief (serial number, magnetic number)

monthly calendar: flat version

towel: plate printing

fruit: inkjet printing

toothpaste: Rubber relief printing

toothbrush handle: gold foil was hot pressed on the packaging day of DEMAG factory in Ningbo on November 2

fabric: plate printing

ticket: the flat version of the page is used for shading and border printing, and the relief version is used for serial number

stock: the flat version of the page is used for frame and shading printing, the letterpress is used for secret printing, and the computer laser printer is used for shareholder name and bar code printing

credit cards and withdrawal cards: lithographic card printing or hole printing, embossing printing, etc

cigarettes: letterpress printing

cigarette case: one page flat printing, rotogravure printing

paper cup: Rubber relief printing

carton: in monochrome, it is mostly rubber relief printing, and in color temple, it is mostly flat printing

newspaper: rotary lithography

Notebook: one page or rotary lithography

wedding card: hot stamping, silver or printing by relief, lithography, plate, etc

sticker: letterpress or plate

banknotes: engraving gravure printing frame, flat printing shading of pages, letterpress printing serial number (4) plasticization of body covering parts: development and utilization of plastic windows and plastic fenders, etc

plastic bags, aluminum foil bags: rotogravure

Christmas card: flat printing of pages

computer report paper: transaction lithography or transaction resin letterpress printing

circuit board: plate printing

hardcover book cover: bronzing, copperplate printing, lithographic color printing, and polishing later

nameplate: photographic photosensitive dyeing, corrosion and painting

Wallpaper: Rubber relief, plate, lithography or rotogravure printing

surface: pad printing

Napkin: Rubber relief printing

magazine: in case of small circulation, it is printed in one page lithography, and in case of large circulation, it is printed in rotary lithography or photographic rotary intaglio

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